Maha Sudarshana Narasimha Yajna


Time: 3Pm Onwards
Venue: ISKCON Cultural Centre – Courtyard

The Maha Sudarshana Narasimha Yajna is a very auspicious yajna. Sudarshana, the divine disc of Lord Vishnu, along with Lord Nrsimhadeva, are invoked for the attainment of success in a particular undertaking, and for protection from negative forces. It is a type of exorcism which removes all unfavorable influences, subtle entities, curses or spells.

The homa is accomplished with a fire yajna, offerings of Tulasi leaves to the Lord, and recitation of the Purusha Sukta. The Sudarshana yantra, a copper disc with special sacred symbols, is bathed 108 times with the Sudarshana mantras for empowerment and then offered tarpan (bath water) from the purified water of kalashas.

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